For sale Dire Wolf Wargaming ( MDF WW2 Dice Tray - American.


When ordering please a message stating which design you want, the designs available are as follows:


1st Infantry (Big Red One)


82nd Airborne (All American)


101st Airborne (Screaming Eagles)


US Rangers


US Marines


Allied Star


Desert Rats


1st Airborne Division (Red Devils)


Highland Division


British Commandos


Afrika Korps


Grossdeutschland Division


2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich


German Cross


Soviet Union


Imperial Japan


Our dice trays are a fantastic addition to your tabletop. A large open space to roll your dice into with a WW2 faction engraved into the center of it. These are bigger than our normal dice trays as shown in the second picture, this is to accommodate larger dice as these are now suitable for 20mm dice. The size of the dice tray is approximately 178mm x 214mm.

MDF WW2 Dice Trays